Karly in the field

Karly in the field
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Monday, October 20, 2014

Adorable Karly writes us Oct 20, 2014

You asked me so many questions... and I'm trying to remember them all. But what really matters: I'm doing well (: haha. I have a bike. It has two wheels. And sometimes I have to pump up the tires so I can ride smoother. I ride a bike a lot. But it isn't hard, I haven't fallen... twice. Just once. haha (: but  I didn't even get hurt. We also drive a car. It's a Chevrolet.. I think? The food here is just like the food at home... except for pralines, banana bread pudding, and creole sauce is a lot bigger of a deal. 

So far our goal to have Romar come unto Christ through baptism is going well (: He quit smoking! so he just needs to be a non smoker for forever, and at least these next two weeks, and he'll be baptized!  (: He wants it SO much. It's so easy to teach him. He mostly teaches himself most of the time (:

We're trying to get better at talking to EVERYONE we see. It's hard to try and sincerely share the gospel with so someone when you're stopping them on the street. But I know that we will be blessed in our effort to share the Lord's love for them (: 

This week was Stake Conference, which was AWESOME. Their stake president is probably 35. And he is a lot like Uncle Blake (: Goofy, but a good priesthood holder who can be serious when it is necessary. They talked about Hastening the work of Salvation. 

What I got from it? MEMBERS are so CRUCIAL to missionary efforts. Y'all are SO important. Without you, there would be no reason for missionaries. 

So what are you going to do?
And remember: Missionaries don't only exist on earth. There are so many angels who need us to do TEMPLE WORK: their investigators are struggling because we are not doing ALL we can. The temple is so important. I know some of you don't recognize that. But I challenge you to find out WHY. 

Our desires are the same on earth as they will be in heaven. If we desire to invite ALL to come unto Christ while on earth, imagine our joy when we continue to do that while in heaven (: 

Gospel's true,
Book is blue,
God loves you,
and I do, too!

I got two emails  from her this week!  Here is the other one:

i'm glad dad is good! i got the package from the yw, it was so sweet (: i absolutely loved it! i have a bunch of letters I'll be sending to you soon for you to (please) give to people who i don't have their address. it's the thank you cards from my farewell... haha. 

how's the new job? I hope you don't get discouraged too quickly, remember that the Lord loves you and everything will work out for the best (: we just have to keep trying our best for that to happen.
sister willes

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