Karly in the field

Karly in the field
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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Karly arrived in Florida

I just opened this email tonight from Karly's mission president.

Dear Brother and Sister Willes ;

Sister Willes arrived safely to the Florida Tallahassee Mission. We were delighted to meet her and look forward to serving together in this wonderful part of the Lords kingdom. This entire mission is truly a great place to serve and we are confident your daughter will love the area and its people. There is truly a purpose she was called here by a Prophet of God.

After completing routine details and having an interview, we conducted training about matters that pertain to her faithful service as a missionary. It is our desire to do everything possible to offer leadership and support as your daughter becomes the missionary the Lord expects her to be.

Foremost in our efforts will be to insure the safety and well-being of your missionary. Beyond that, we will do all possible to help her meet her potential. It is easy for us to love missionaries and yours will be no different. We will try to be the best parents away from parents possible.

As you pray for your missionary, pray for us to know how best to lead and guide your daughter. Write your daughter positive letters and emails that encourage obedience, effective study, hard work, and complete devotion to God.

We commend you for your willingness to send a choice daughter away for a time. Your faith and goodness is reflected in your daughter and you should be very proud of her. We know that you will be blessed through your daughters service, and your testimony will be strengthened as her testimony grows in the gospel.

This is a great time to be a missionary! We look forward to serving with Sister Willes for the next eighteen months.


President and Sister Bradley J. Smith

Karly's flight was Sept 30, 2014.  She called us around 6 a.m and talked for about one minute to me (Wendy).  It was so good to hear her voice.  After we hung up I shed some tears, went to her room, and hugged her pillow.  I am glad that she is safe and happy.

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