Karly in the field

Karly in the field
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Monday, October 27, 2014

The gum delivery

I sent Karly a package with her medicine and I threw in a package of gum, because she loves gum.  I almost didn't get gum, I almost got tic tacs instead.  I also asked her what her Halloween plans were going to be, and if I needed to send her anything.  Here is her response.

I'll be eating dinner at a members home on Halloween, and right after that we have orders from the president to go straight home. So I won't be seeing any ghosts or ghouls! I got the package from you mom, and I also got the one from Grandma Walton. I should probably mention that one of the weird missionary rules is that I can't chew gum(: So any more gum packages are kindly discouraged.. haha. I can chew it while I'm in my apartment, but normally I eat food instead. So I should have enough gum to last me the next 17 months. That's right 17. I've been a missionary for a month and ten days! (: Pretty exciting!
So our dear investigator, R, isn't talking to us anymore. And that's kind of really frustrating and sad. However, I'm sure that the Lord is blessing him and that he will continue to strive to live worthy of living with God. Sister Maxwell and I have been working on trying to find ways to work with the members more. We have so many less active people, it really hurts the ward ): So my advice to y'all: LIVE the gospel and stay true to your callings. Because God can bless you. And who doesn't want blessings?!?
Also: they have the BEST ice cream here. Blue Belle is the brand. Pumpkin Spice Pecan is the flavor. It's perfect, blissful, and probably my ultimate favorite: even more than vanilla bean.
I'll talk to y'all next week (:

There's a (Lutheran? Methodist, I don't remember which) Church in the city that has the perfect sign for missionaries (;  haha So Sister Maxwell and I took our picture next to it. 
Also: Personalized License Plates are a HUGE thing down here.

.  praise him plates.

So all of your missionary parents out there.  What do you send your state side missionary for Halloween?  Or Christmas for that matter?  Do they have time to shop?  I want to send clothes, but I don't know her size.  I thought about candy, but she can buy that without a shipping charge right?  Maybe I could shop online and have it delivered straight to her?  Feel free to leave comments.  Thanks.

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