Karly in the field

Karly in the field
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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

First Transfer

Transfers were this week: surprise! haha (: me and Sister Maxwell are staying in Pascagoula. We had a chance to go up to Mobile last week and I got to see a cotton field!!!!!! (: it was so pretty, and a much needed tender mercy. 
I'm glad that dad is doing well. Work will be great, phones are hard: but if you keep your attitude and spirits high you will be able to do anything (: 
Something which I need.... sweats. My MHS ones from track would be great. And one of my hoodies, too. It really DOES get cold here. Today isn't so bad, but Saturday was quite chilly. Luckily I have warm tights and good cardigans. I'm buying my coat today, so don't worry about me (: haha I'll be prepared for any future weather.
This week was pretty hard. It seemed like everyone was trying to avoid us. . . (: Like, they walk to the other side of the street when they see us walking/biking on the same side. haha. People are funny (: But while we've had a hard time finding new people, working with less-actives and part member families has been GREAT. The people we taught this week were truly answers to our prayers. They were so kind and willing and eager to learn more about the gospel.
Something which has been frustrating for me: people complain so much about how hard their lives are and how terrible Hurricane Katrina was. Which I'm sure it seems hard, and it was hard. But Katrina was almost 10 years ago. Most people have homes and are still with their families. There still are schools and universities for higher education. Compared to the Cambodians... the people here are VERY well off. Being down here has made me want to go back to Cambodia again, to help them continue to cherish and value the education they receive. people here don't seem to think that education is important. And because of it, the community struggles.
Please value the education you received! And continue to strive to get more! Even if it is just reading a book, especially the Book of Mormon. (: I know that as you read the Book of Mormon and act on the principles taught in it, which are Christ's true gospel, that the quality of your life WILL IMPROVE.
Anything that I can do you for you guys? How are you holding up this week? Did you celebrate Grandma Willes' birthday?
Do you mind sending me Trevor's address so I can write the girls late happy birthday cards? (:
Through Jesus Christ, the bands of death were broken. So now we can live as an eternal family forever as long as we are faithful to the covenants we have made. We will see Ryan again (:

Looks like I need to send my first large package in the mail...ever.   Any tips?

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  1. Last little piece got to me... what a great testimony