Karly in the field

Karly in the field
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Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy New Year! Things are looking nice.

Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year! Thanks for everything. If you can just be in charge of everything that would work out perfectly for me. Otherwise I kind of sort of forgot my email.. but I'll look at dad's email and tell him the details of passwords and stuff so I give you everything you need.
734 Palm Blvd N
Niceville, FL 32578
(YES the N after Blvd IS supposed to be there (:  )
Sister Blake will be going to Navarre- so we're being split. it really is for the best. This whole week and a half I have been with her it just hasn't felt right at ALL. I've kind of really not enjoyed being her companion: not because I don't love her. We get along fine when we're not doing missionary things. But as soon as we try teaching a lesson/ street contacting/ anything mission related we butt heads. It was SO hard. I would try to help her, but I don't think she really trusts me. That's one thing I have really learned on my mission: you have to trust your mission companion FULL-HEARTEDLY. And just pray that they won't break that trust.. and if they do: still trust them.
I'll be serving in a trio (: So that should be really fun! I think we're going to the zoo today! Sweet! Sister Blake and I are still in Pascagoula, but we're leaving in a couple of minutes to drive to Navarre- then my companions will come pick me up from Niceville. They are not having sister missionaries in Pascagoula anymore ): Only Elders. and the Senior couple.
This week we set a baptismal date with Herman again! (: Only difference: he was the one who set it.. and brought it up> We were talking about the law of tithing. And he just said, "So when I get baptized on, well: what's the first Sundayof February?" ha (: February 1!! I'm so excited for him!! He is SO SO ready!! Just a small law of chastity issue: and that's it! He's SO CLOSE (: I can't wait for him. His baptism will be so neat. I'm really sad I won't be here in person to see him, but I know that I will see him again. And then he will be on the path to return to live with his Father in Heaven (:
My invitation this week: set a goal to help SOMEONE ELSE grow closer to Christ. But remember: if you're not close to Him, how are you supposed to help someone else get closer to him?  (:

*This is Wendy =  I am so happy for Karly to get this transfer!  I LOVE that she is going to Florida, and a place called Niceville...how NICE!T

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


This picture is courtesy of Janeen Bezzant who's friend sent this picture out.  THANKS for sharing. :)

Monday, December 22, 2014

Almost Christmas

Well! I'm training Sister Blake from Blackfoot, Idaho! She's 5' 10" and fresh out of high school! So far I absolutely love her! She's a bit shy, but we're working on that (;
This week was very hard. We had two days of travel since I had to pick up Sister Blake in Tallahassee (about a 5 hour drive one way). It was really fun, though, since I got to see Sister Hawkins! She's training, too! We're both very new to the mission so it was great being able to talk with someone who felt just as inadequate as I do.
Romar is still investigating, and sort of progressing. Herman was really sick again this week ): We found out that his daughter has cancer, too! I'm not sure what kind she has though, but she has been going through chemo.
Something I've found this week: it's very hard to work with someone when you don't have the same goals! That's why it is CRUCIAL to set goals TOGETHER as a companionship. But not just set them, find out why we the other person wants to accomplish it and find productive means of reaching it. That's why it's also so important to pray! If we don't have our goals aligned with God's, they will NEVER be accomplished. Or at least not in the best way possible.
Something that was really fun: Last night we met with a member and turns out she used to live over in the Oceanside area (where Kyle is serving!) So I have a couple referrals for the elders serving there (;
Love you lots; I'll see you this week!
Sis Willes

Monday, December 15, 2014

Wendy Willes 

8:25 AM (10 hours ago)
to Karly
I have Christmas off.  Lets skype at 11am Utah time.  gma and gpa walton will be here.  And Austen if I tell him to.
We got your letter today.

I have a new work schedule.  I am working 9- 5:30 now.  Every Sudnay off but one rotating week day off.  Usually tue or wed.

Karly Willes

11:49 AM (7 hours ago)
to me
Awesome! it's set! what's your skype ID? and I'll only have 30 minutes, so presents probably wouldn't work.
I received all of the packages-- they were great! thank you so much (: I'm staying in Pascagoula for this transfer! and I'll be training a new sister: so I'll probably be here for another 3 months!
Sister Karly Willes
2816 Eden St #515
Pascagoula, MS 39581
I am able to still use my debit card, I just don't have access to calling them unless I ask for permission.. Which is just inconvenient. haha. 

It's going to be CRAZY to be training a new sister. I feel like I hardly know enough, but apparently the Lord thinks I know all that I need. And since He knows all: I'll just be the servant He needs.
Last night was AWESOME. We were able to teach Herman again! (: He is such an awesome guy. His heart is in the right place- and he understands that baptism is a serious covenant. I totally cried when we taught him last night: He was talking about how he wasn't sure he had enough faith. Then Sis Maxwell and I told him we had a lot of faith in him. He was so surprised. I don't think he realizes how much we think of him and how greatly we care. He is just so awesome! We want the best for him. His cancer hasn't been too kind lately. We're just hoping that he'll be able to continue building his faith in Christ.
One of the members here told us a story of how one of the first missionaries down here (like in Joseph Smiths' time) said it would be easier to Burn down the South and do all of their work, rather than try to teach them. And for a long time I've agreed with it. But then I read in Alma 26 and I realized that the Lamanites were SO MUCH WORSE than the people I know. If the Lamanites could accept the gospel: I know ANYONE here can, too. I just have to have faith in THEM.
Cool fact: Herman fought in Vietnam, and he was stationed in Cambodia for a time. He helped fight to help some of the people I hold most dearly in my heart. I feel such a greater appreciation for our Veterans, now. I never realized how unpatriotic I was until I came down here. The Southerners LOVE America. I'm starting to grow to LOVE it, too.
Challenge: Share the gift. Moroni 7--> ALL good gifts come of Christ.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Here's some pictures. I really really wanted to decorate our apartment... and so I decorated our door (: And then one of the members had us decorate their Christmas tree for them (on the condition that we take it down as well..(;  )
This week didn't look super fantastic on paper. We tried very hard to find new investigators or to teach lessons, but it didn't work. Most of our appointments fell through, but we were able to try to see a lot of people because of that. However, most of those people didn't seem too happy to see us. 
On the other hand! I've been able to grow a lot more spiritually as of late! I've had a hard time truly thinking that Pascagoula is a pretty place. I totally love the members and the majority of the people we see, but up until a few days ago I honestly HATED the area. But: I've been praying to see this place through God's eyes. And now I wouldn't say I LOVE it here, but I am able to see why on this green earth people would choose to live here instead of Utah.
But really: Utah is the best state ever. EVER. (in my opinion.)
This week I would challenge y'all to change your perspective on something. (ideally you'd find something or someone you think of negatively and try to think of them positively!) 
Ways to do this: 
PRAYER. Ask our Heavenly Father to help you see them in His eyes.
Service. The best way to try to love someone is through Service. 
Love. By serving them you grow to love them: but loving them without them giving you a reason to can be hard. But do it anyway: just love them! Whether they're kind to you or not, you can still love them.
If you haven't: Watch the Christmas Devotional from last night! I especially loved Elder Christofferson's part. 
Sorry if I seem super preachy: I just keep growing to love the gospel more and more and I want to share that love. I know that only by abiding to the gospel of Jesus Christ can we feel complete and ever lasting joy.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Tanner: My Thanksgiving was SO great! I got to spend it with a family, they were super nice and fun to be with (: I miss you, too. But I love serving the Lord. What are some ways you think you can serve God? (Hint: God loves his children, and we're all his children. So when we serve anyone on this earth: We are serving God!) I am not feeling down, even when things get hard (: I'm so glad that you're saying your prayers!! I say my prayers at least 8 times a day (which is a lot!! I pray every time I'm about to teach someone, because I know that I need God's help to teach them. He knows everyone perfectly!) I have never had any nightmares, and I sleep really great in my bed! (: I'm very safe on my bike: I ALWAYS wear my helmet! Even if people make fun of me for wearing it. I love you, you're my favorite, Bug(:

Mom: Thanksgiving was AWESOME. The food here was very good: The Turkey Especially. They cook it AND SEASON it. ha Something I'll have to try when I get back home(;  I don't need tire goo/a bike pump. We already have them at the apartment(: We have bike racks on our cars, so when we're transferred our bike comes with us (: However, I do need a pillow case.. haha (: I've been borrowing one of Sister Maxwell's this whole time. SO I should probably get my own.
We did receive the food: THANK YOU! SO delicious! (: You even got Sister Maxwell's favorite Lindt Chocolate (and now it's my favorite, too!) We didn't get very good desserts for Thanksgiving, so it was way nice to have that. 
So apparently Green Bean Casserole is a big deal here: luckily I don't hate green beans anymore (; 
​Apparently Black Friday was insane. We teach an autistic girl, Maggie (17), who was recently baptized in July. She is so dang cute (: She gets SO excited over the most simple things. I am so grateful that I have gotten to know her. Anyway: she went black Fridayishopping and the only thing she cared about were the DVDs (: Whilst her grandma was shopping with her and trying to find so many other things for the rest of the family. Long story short: It's easy to get so focused on the small things that we forget about our purpose for entering the store. (or you know, in gospel analogy, life. We are here to focus on the Savior and return to God as more glorified and perfected beings. Not just to have had a good time.)
Not much is new with the people or area. Christmas time does make it easier to talk to people, though. Since we have different Christmas activities as a Stake/ Ward we are able to invite people. They are a lot more willing to listen to an invitation to an event than an invitation to come unto Christ. 
But you know, most people "have been saved" so they don't think they need to do anything else. And I suppose they don't, if they don't want to receive the fulness of joy which comes by LIVING the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
I'm still trying to learn to love the place I'm serving in, but I do love the people here (:​
​Merry Christmas. 
He is the Gift.

Here's a picture from the MTC that my friend finally sent me (: haha 
Sister Hawkins, we both went to Snow: we're both in the FTM, and we hadn't met each other until we were in the same MTC district. Small world!