Karly in the field

Karly in the field
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Monday, December 22, 2014

Almost Christmas

Well! I'm training Sister Blake from Blackfoot, Idaho! She's 5' 10" and fresh out of high school! So far I absolutely love her! She's a bit shy, but we're working on that (;
This week was very hard. We had two days of travel since I had to pick up Sister Blake in Tallahassee (about a 5 hour drive one way). It was really fun, though, since I got to see Sister Hawkins! She's training, too! We're both very new to the mission so it was great being able to talk with someone who felt just as inadequate as I do.
Romar is still investigating, and sort of progressing. Herman was really sick again this week ): We found out that his daughter has cancer, too! I'm not sure what kind she has though, but she has been going through chemo.
Something I've found this week: it's very hard to work with someone when you don't have the same goals! That's why it is CRUCIAL to set goals TOGETHER as a companionship. But not just set them, find out why we the other person wants to accomplish it and find productive means of reaching it. That's why it's also so important to pray! If we don't have our goals aligned with God's, they will NEVER be accomplished. Or at least not in the best way possible.
Something that was really fun: Last night we met with a member and turns out she used to live over in the Oceanside area (where Kyle is serving!) So I have a couple referrals for the elders serving there (;
Love you lots; I'll see you this week!
Sis Willes

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