Karly in the field

Karly in the field
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Monday, December 8, 2014

Here's some pictures. I really really wanted to decorate our apartment... and so I decorated our door (: And then one of the members had us decorate their Christmas tree for them (on the condition that we take it down as well..(;  )
This week didn't look super fantastic on paper. We tried very hard to find new investigators or to teach lessons, but it didn't work. Most of our appointments fell through, but we were able to try to see a lot of people because of that. However, most of those people didn't seem too happy to see us. 
On the other hand! I've been able to grow a lot more spiritually as of late! I've had a hard time truly thinking that Pascagoula is a pretty place. I totally love the members and the majority of the people we see, but up until a few days ago I honestly HATED the area. But: I've been praying to see this place through God's eyes. And now I wouldn't say I LOVE it here, but I am able to see why on this green earth people would choose to live here instead of Utah.
But really: Utah is the best state ever. EVER. (in my opinion.)
This week I would challenge y'all to change your perspective on something. (ideally you'd find something or someone you think of negatively and try to think of them positively!) 
Ways to do this: 
PRAYER. Ask our Heavenly Father to help you see them in His eyes.
Service. The best way to try to love someone is through Service. 
Love. By serving them you grow to love them: but loving them without them giving you a reason to can be hard. But do it anyway: just love them! Whether they're kind to you or not, you can still love them.
If you haven't: Watch the Christmas Devotional from last night! I especially loved Elder Christofferson's part. 
Sorry if I seem super preachy: I just keep growing to love the gospel more and more and I want to share that love. I know that only by abiding to the gospel of Jesus Christ can we feel complete and ever lasting joy.

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