Karly in the field

Karly in the field
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Monday, December 1, 2014

Tanner: My Thanksgiving was SO great! I got to spend it with a family, they were super nice and fun to be with (: I miss you, too. But I love serving the Lord. What are some ways you think you can serve God? (Hint: God loves his children, and we're all his children. So when we serve anyone on this earth: We are serving God!) I am not feeling down, even when things get hard (: I'm so glad that you're saying your prayers!! I say my prayers at least 8 times a day (which is a lot!! I pray every time I'm about to teach someone, because I know that I need God's help to teach them. He knows everyone perfectly!) I have never had any nightmares, and I sleep really great in my bed! (: I'm very safe on my bike: I ALWAYS wear my helmet! Even if people make fun of me for wearing it. I love you, you're my favorite, Bug(:

Mom: Thanksgiving was AWESOME. The food here was very good: The Turkey Especially. They cook it AND SEASON it. ha Something I'll have to try when I get back home(;  I don't need tire goo/a bike pump. We already have them at the apartment(: We have bike racks on our cars, so when we're transferred our bike comes with us (: However, I do need a pillow case.. haha (: I've been borrowing one of Sister Maxwell's this whole time. SO I should probably get my own.
We did receive the food: THANK YOU! SO delicious! (: You even got Sister Maxwell's favorite Lindt Chocolate (and now it's my favorite, too!) We didn't get very good desserts for Thanksgiving, so it was way nice to have that. 
So apparently Green Bean Casserole is a big deal here: luckily I don't hate green beans anymore (; 
​Apparently Black Friday was insane. We teach an autistic girl, Maggie (17), who was recently baptized in July. She is so dang cute (: She gets SO excited over the most simple things. I am so grateful that I have gotten to know her. Anyway: she went black Fridayishopping and the only thing she cared about were the DVDs (: Whilst her grandma was shopping with her and trying to find so many other things for the rest of the family. Long story short: It's easy to get so focused on the small things that we forget about our purpose for entering the store. (or you know, in gospel analogy, life. We are here to focus on the Savior and return to God as more glorified and perfected beings. Not just to have had a good time.)
Not much is new with the people or area. Christmas time does make it easier to talk to people, though. Since we have different Christmas activities as a Stake/ Ward we are able to invite people. They are a lot more willing to listen to an invitation to an event than an invitation to come unto Christ. 
But you know, most people "have been saved" so they don't think they need to do anything else. And I suppose they don't, if they don't want to receive the fulness of joy which comes by LIVING the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
I'm still trying to learn to love the place I'm serving in, but I do love the people here (:​
​Merry Christmas. 
He is the Gift.

Here's a picture from the MTC that my friend finally sent me (: haha 
Sister Hawkins, we both went to Snow: we're both in the FTM, and we hadn't met each other until we were in the same MTC district. Small world!

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