Karly in the field

Karly in the field
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Monday, January 26, 2015

Pictures from sister Alicia Riley.  I didn't know I was getting them until today.  I am so excited for each of them.

with Hanna Smith (don't you love our Florida sky? Sunshine in January!)

White Sand

This week was a pretty GREAT week. We had some powerful lessons and enjoyed some beautiful weather!  We went to the beach last week, GORGEOUS WHITE SAND. Oh my goodness! It was really nice to forget about being a missionary for an hour and just sit on the beach and enjoy the Lord's creation (: One of my companions' friends from Tallahassee drove down to visit with us, too (: She is AWESOME. I loved getting to know her and seeing how strong her testimony is!
Our baptism for this Saturday will be postponed because of some family events which happened, so we're re-scheduling for March. But we will likely have another baptism February 14 (: There is this AMAZING girl who reminds me so much of one of my friends from home! She has been studying and sharing the gospel so much: SHE KNOWS IT'S TRUE. It's so great teaching her, she helps us to feel SO EXCITED about the gospel (:
Overall, I like what I'm doing. I love being a missionary, and I am really learning to be humble so that the Lord can do what's best for us, His children.
Sis Willes

Mom have you gotten any emails on your netzero account from Sister Alicia Riley? Every time she sees us she'll take a picture and send it (: haha. She is so cool. 

I got my package, and I'm not cold. haah I haven't acclimated that fast (; I still have some Utah blood in me.  I fixed my banking online so I have access online now (:
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Monday, January 19, 2015

This week we had Elder NEIL L ANDERSON AND HIS WIFE come for a mission conference and stake conferences in different areas of the mission... Including our stake: the Fort Walton Beach. 

It was super amazing and I learned that I need to be more honest with myself so I can help others. He also mentioned a lot of how the words we say to our children will stick with them: which is so true!! It is mentioned in the scriptures so frequently: alma, Enos, Isaac, and I know there's other examples. 

Something else I learned: I really want to know Christ the way the apostles do. So I'm working on it by studying D&C 93:1. I know it will take more, but that's my start(: 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Jan12 letter

I love Niceville! My companions are the best! (:
We set a baptismal date with our investigator Eli! January 31st! (: We're so excited and we know he is SO SO ready! He wants to be baptized so much, and he just LOVES getting homework assignments. After he has finished the one we gave him in a lesson he will text us and ask for more (: It's almost unbelievable! I'm so grateful for him and the example he is not only to his family, but to me. I have really come to know that studying is the best way to gain a love and appreciation for the gospel.

Something I want everyone to do: think of a question. Then read the scriptures and pray to have it answered. Something I did this week was pray and study to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet. I know he was! He truly did restore the gospel and passed on the priesthood so we can have continuous modern day revelation(: 

Sister Karly [with a 'K'] Willes
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in the picture: Me, Sister Morris, and Sister Stratton

Monday, January 5, 2015


I love it here in Niceville! (: It really is so much fun. My companions are Sister Stratton and Morris! They're so dang cute and have the best relationship EVER. We all get along and just have a great time being missionaries (: We are working SO HARD, but enjoying every second of it!
Sister Morris and I caught the sniffles this week, so we had a few sick days. But we're recovering well! We're going to the zoo today! (: I'm stoked!!
We saw these awesome Christmas Lights!! They were so cool!!
The pictures are kind of blurry-- but basically the songs went with the lights and it was AWESOME.

Here's my one picture with Sister Blake...
I'll be getting pictures with Sis Stratton and Morris later (:

Sister Karly [with a 'K'] Willes
734 Palm Blvd. N.
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