Karly in the field

Karly in the field
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Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day * Note the new address*

Happy anniversary yesterday, mom and dad! (: I hope you were able to do something together to make it special. 
This week was super great! We had some ups and some downs, and definitely to the extremes. But, as usual, the joy out weighs the sadness ((: Ellis was baptized: and that was really great! The joy she had was contagious, and the whole event was super happy.
One random note: Hanna Smith spells her name HANNA without an H. So if you can keep that up, then she won't get mad at me anymore for writing it wrong on the blog (; haha. (Don't worry: currently we're even since she misspelled my name earlier this week.)
We had a super cute Relief Society activity: "Guess Whooo" We each brought 3-5 things about ourselves and laid them out on a table with numbers and we had to guess which number matched with the right person. It was really fun to see what things people brought for themselves (: Even really good friends in the ward didn't guess each others things!
Sara Ng is basically my favorite friend of the week! She sent me some warm fuzzies (: Their timing was impeccable!
​This week we went on exchanges and I LOVED IT SO MUCH. NOT because I was away from my companions, but because the sister I was with is AWESOME. Probably my most favorite Sister Training Leader so far since she is SO real. She is honest and still says the corny things, but recognizes how to help you reach the goals you've set for yourself. I love her a lot and can't wait to hang out with her after the mission (:
I've now been out for 5 months, which is CRAZY. I remember being with Sister Maxwell and thinking I'd never get to 5 months. But here I am! Now time is going to go by even faster!!
I love everyone and hope that all is well, or at least you're turning to God to try and make it well!
Sister Willes​

Sister Karly [with a 'k'] Willes
1535 Killearn Ctr Blvd Ste C-3
Tallahassee, FL 32309

To Karly:  I think it was sis Riley who spelled Hanna = Hannah.  So she may just have to get over it.  I mean, how many times do people spell Willes = Willis or mispronounce it?    From: mom    P.S. did you get transferred?  I noticed your new address.

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