Karly in the field

Karly in the field
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Monday, March 30, 2015

Karly's name in "lights'

Well this week was pretty exciting! I was able to find my street sign! (: Sister McClellan found hers, too! We went on exchanges with some of my favorite sisters! It was glorious! (: 
I had a really really really neat experience with Merle and Sister Facey... I felt God's love for them more than I have for anyone. The spirit was able to share the message so beautifully to them, I LOVE having the CONSTANT companionship of the Holy Ghost in its fulness (: 

I've been very blessed this week!
You should watch the #BecauseHeLives video. It's really good!!

Love you!!

Sister Karly  Willes
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Monday, March 23, 2015

6 month mark

I'm just so happy to be serving with Sister McClellan! (: She is a ray of sunshine every morning! The work was a bit slow this week, and although we got a little discouraged we still kept working through! Sunday was a blast, we had an investigator come to church that Sister McClellan met 3 months ago and was completely drunk. But she remembered that she promised to come to church! (: haha. We'll be teaching her later this week, she seemed to really feel loved! A first for our investigators here! It's really all thanks to Christy. She has changed the ward SO much already! (: I'm expecting big and great things these next couple weeks!

I hit my 6 month mark last week, and I've been blessed to be in the same district with some of my other 6 month sisters! (: 

My current address for the next five weeks is:
772 Rockport Ct. #8
Fort Walton Beach FL 32458

And who else is STOKED for Conference?!?!?!?!?! It's going to be AWESOME!! (: 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Pictures of wedding and baptism

It's a great week!

To start off the week, CHRISTY GOT MARRIED (: So that's kind of a big deal... We had so much fun getting ready and preparing the decorations and all for her. She was completely surprised and just so happy! Even greater was the weekend! On Saturday we went to Niceville with Christy to Ron and Kellie Daugherty's baptism!!!!!!! (: SO I was super thrilled to see them become closer as a family, Ellis was super happy, and I just bawled the whole time! Kellie's mom had passed away a couple of weeks ago and I just kept thinking of how PERFECT the Lord's timing is. Had they not known about the Plan of Salvation, they wouldn't have had as much peace and comfort these past few weeks as they do. Now they have the Holy Ghost, too, for a constant companion!! (: Christy thought the baptism was super great... so she was WAY excited for her baptism the next day! (: Her baptism was super happy and joyful, the spirit was definitely present and we just were all super happy and bubbly and smiling! We held it after church and the support was amazing. 
We have 3 super amazing Women in our ward (there are definitely others; but I haven't had the privilege of knowing everyone yet)
Sister Cheryl Harris, Kim Cunningham, and Lydia Golden. They did SO much for Christy out of their own desires. It was overwhelming to see the love and kindness they so willingly gave. Without them nothing would have been possible these past few weeks, and especially these past two weeks. I'm super grateful for them and I hope I can be great member missionaries like them when I go home. 

Sister Udy goes home this week, so that will be a sad time. But for now we are just soaking in every second and working harder than ever (: We love our companionship and are excited to see how our lives will be forever influenced because of our bond. I will be staying in Fort Walton for another 6 weeks with Sister McClellan!!!!!! (: And boyyyy am I excited!! The love I have for both her and Sister Udy, and the love they have for me helps us to realize how much the Lord loves us and what it is that He needs us to do. We've been the means of helping the Lord accomplish His miracles in these past 5 weeks, and I can't wait to keep doing more!

I truly am the happiest I have been, and I think most of it is really because I have chosen to be happy. There are so many great things happening, but even when the bad moments come I just can't help but smile. I hope all is going well for everyone else, too (:

“Don’t give up. . Don’t you quit. You keepwalking. You keep trying. There is help and happiness ahead—a lot of it—30 years of it now, and still counting.You keep your chin up. It will be all right in the end.Trust God and believe in good things to come.”
-Jeffrey R. Holland
Sister Karly  Willes
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Tallahassee, FL 32309

Monday, March 9, 2015


This week was fantastic!
At the beginning of this week we had the most hilarious Word of Wisdom lesson. Our investigator Christy thought she could finish off the coffee that she bought at the beginning of the month until her baptism next week, but when we told her that she needed to start practicing the Word of Wisdom now she gave us a little fight.... AND THEN DUMPED ALL OF HER COFFEE PRODUCTS DOWN THE TOILET. It was so funny (: And she'll be getting married this Tuesday so she can live the law of chastity! (: Then she gets baptized on St. Patrick's day!! It has been so amazing to see her put the Lord first in EVERY aspect of her life. 
Our other baptismal dates have fallen back, but we know it's what the Lord wants for them. We've been really struggling with one of the families we work with. F, the "father" (they're not married), is a nonmember while the rest of the family are all inactive. But he really has such a sincere desire to be baptized since he KNOWS in his heart it's what the Lord wants for him. The only thing holding him back is the "wife" since she is unwilling to divorce her husband who she hasn't lived with in 9 years. It really bites. She knows she is holding him back, and she doesn't really seem to care all that much... Obviously we don't know the whole picture, though. So we're trying to be very understanding of her while we help F to continue to grow in his faith. 
Trying really hard. 
Basically I'm the happiest I think I have ever been on my mission! And I know that things will only become better! (:

Sister Karly  Willes
1535 Killearn Ctr Blvd Ste C-3
Tallahassee, FL 32309

Monday, March 2, 2015


Time is already flying by wayy too quickly. I LOVE Sister Udy and Sister McClellan so very much. We are all different, yet we all unite in the work(: We each can be weird and act like goonies while having the Lord's trust in us at the same time! Such a good feeling!!
This week we had a plethora of miracles! We were able to set baptismal dates with THREE of our investigators. One of them wasn't even planned! It just happened! March 11 is the first one, Christy Smith! She is moving her marriage date from May to next week so she can obey the Law of Chastity, then the next week she will be baptized! Soooooo. Awesome. Not only is HER faith so strong, her fiance's faith in her is equally great. He is willing to do so much for her, and she is willing to do so much for the Lord. I just love it (: 
We were also able to find ways to become even more united with one another, which is crazy since we're already pretty close! 
I hope everything is going well in the real world! 
Something I've been working on this week: family history! We have helped others with theirs, and I worked a little bit on ours via the Walton line. I was able to help "find" Philemon Stoddard's parents.. but I'm not so sure that Lula was his daughter. But I'll keep working on it so our families can be rightfully united (: The Spirit of Elijah is a real thing!! ---> "Your testimony of and conversion to the Savior will become deep and abidingAnd promise you will bprotected against the intensifying influence of the adversary."
Elder David A. Bednar. 
Kind of a big deal.
Try it for yourself: 

Sister Karly  Willes
1535 Killearn Ctr Blvd Ste C-3
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