Karly in the field

Karly in the field
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Monday, May 25, 2015


My companion is really just like my little sister I never had..... I love her, but sometimes I want to knock some sense into her. Hahaha but it has been very eye opening for me, and so far we get along. It is the little things that irk me, but they don't matter in the long run. I'm not here to make myself happy, so a couple of irritations isn't the end of the world. This week we were able to see a huge change in Merle! He is so much happier now and he really does know that he has been forgiven of his past sins! It is so exciting to meet with him and help him to strengthen his relationship with Christ. We met this adorable couple named Rachel and Chet...hah they're in their 30s. I told Chet that the only Chet I knew was in his 80s.... He thought that was pretty funny. He ended up calling us later and asked for a tour of the church! It was pretty neat(: minus the fact he ended up not showing up.... 
Well. It has been real and fun. We have met some crazy people and some very normal and kind people. It all evens out in the end.(:

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Picture from another sister

Janean let me know that there was this picture on her friends daughters blog so I had to share the zone picture:

"Zone Conference was all about what does it mean to follow Gods will (: My favorite part was Sister Smiths talk about obedience. She said that "You don't have to be perfect. But you can be perfect in trying" 
They gave us training on what to do for a hurricane at Zone Conference and they haven't had one in 10 years... I think it will be next year" Taken from the blog of The Mission Adventures of Sister Kaylin Christine Brown

That Friday the Elders had a baptism for Peyton up in Baker, Florida! Which is literally in the middle of no where. The road that the church is on is called Mormon Temple road.  The city apparently thought that it was a temple back in the 1920's and named it that. (fun fact it is the oldest LDS church building in the state!)

p.s. Her blog insipired me to redesign my blog :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


A year ago I received my mission call! I can't believe I've already been serving for 8 months!!
There really hasn't been too much happening out here. There was a small tender mercy this week! We live right next to a Uhaul location and so we see all of the different places... and the place they have for Mississippi is a place I served in! (: So that was cool!
Sister Stradinger and I are really focusing on listening to the promptings of the spirit and being obedient so we can recognize when we hear/feel them. It is hard sometimes, especially when we start off our mornings slightly off... but the blessings are worth it (: I love knowing that I'm doing everything the Lord needs me to do, but not for my own benefit-for the benefit of OTHERS! Living for others is really the only way to be utterly happy! That's why being a parent and being a part of a family brings the most amount of joy (:

Love y'all!

Sister Karly  Willes
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Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day skype and email

Thanks for the pictures and updates!! (: It's so fun to see where everyone is at! This week was loads of fun! It has been an adjustment as Sister Stradinger continues to grow in the gospel and as a missionary, but we're doing well so far! (: I've been learning more and more what it is like being a mother, feeling the pressure of having to be perfect 24/7 in every aspect of the day. So far I've failed miserably, but I'm going to keep working on it (: Fortunately, the Lord doesn't expect us to be perfect. He simply expects us to know that through Him WE CAN become perfect, and to do those things which will help us to get there eventually.  
Uhmm.. I'm at a loss of things to write. So just know that I love everyone!

Sister Karly  Willes
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Tuesday, May 5, 2015


This is going to be short, sorry! The people at the college are kicking us off since it's the student's finals week!
Long story short: I love it here still, and my companion is awesome! She's from Neola Utah (by Roosevelt) and she HATES Utah. Which is too bad, because I LOVE Utah. She's always SO COLD... and I'm always SO HOT.. But our personalities get along. So we're doing good with the work. It's just the apartment and car that I have a hard time being with her (; They need to find a way to have a personal heater/air condition thing that fits a human body. But until then, I'll just sacrifice being super hot and secretly turning the AC on so it can be at least 76 in the apartment.... she prefers it to be at 80..... ha. Anyway, Love y'all! Things are good! (: Hope things are good for you, too!!
I'll be skyping y'all this Sunday at 6:30/7:00pm YOUR time. So just keep an eye/ear out! Love you!
Sister Karly  Willes
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