Karly in the field

Karly in the field
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Monday, June 29, 2015


Such an amazing week! There were lots of struggles at the beginning, but once I humbled myself... BAM! BLESSINGS! Changing your heart is such a beautiful thing! (: I love it! Even if it is hard at first. 
So: First things first: COOPER NEEDS TO GO TO TREK!!!!!!!!!! It seriously is such a fun experience! He would LOVE it. And not regret going. The only way he would hate it is expecting to hate it from the beginning. So he should go... and expect to love it! (: So he can love it! And it's only 3 days. He can totally handle that. 3 days of camping and exploring and being outside! (: 

I hope Tanner is doing well (: I love getting the pictures. He is just adorable.

Life is good. We had stake conference and it was AWESOME! I got so much personal revelation not only for the people here, but for my future family (you know, in like 15 years.. ha). I love being in the same stake as my last area, since I was able to see a ton of people who I served with in Niceville and just seeing them smile made the world of a difference for my week. 
I've learned to tolerate other people's agency, even if I know they are making small decisions (breaking the word of wisdom, not reading their scriptures daily, etc.) which will harm them in the end. I can still love them, and even if THEY don't know their ruining their life... I DO. So I can just keep loving them and help them get back on the straight and narrow path (: 2 nephi 31:20! (or something close to that.)

"Y'all be safe now, ya hear?!"

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Monday, June 22, 2015

ABC's of the mission

Something I'm starting to do since we live by a Uhaul is finding all 50 states in alphabetical order! (: Here's the first 3~ I'm just waiting on Arkansas to come around! haha.
This week was full of stress. I just want people to progress SO BADLY that sometimes I forget that they need their agency. Merle came to church!! (: First time in six weeks! So that was a huge blessing!! We were able to find a new investigator who is an ancestor of Joseph Smith! We were able to have a lot of fun activities with the ward members and to build more trust with them. I really love the area and the people here (: I would be content staying here the rest of my mission!
Funny story:
So we went to try a potential. I knocked on the door, a girl answered. I asked her if she was Matilda, she said "Es mi." So I started speaking to her in Spanish..... then she awkwardly stared at me and said. "I don't speak Spanish."
SO awkward... haha. So now I'm hesitant to speak Spanish to people.
Until next week!
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"this is now Wendy... I wrote Karly and told her about a friend of her's who was killed on his motorcycle last week, and I sent her a half way package, and I asked what she would want for her bday. I also updated her on some of our family struggles.  Here is the response to that."

That's hard to hear! One of the missionaries in our area had someone in his family pass away this weekend, too. It's nice to know that we have the gospel perspective, though (: With the Plan of Salvation in mind, death is really not that hard to bear!
I'm glad work is getting better! Just keep looking forward to the bright horizon. Read this talk by jeffrey r. Holland: 

Thanks for the package! i did get it (: and loved it!
Much love,
Si Willes. 
oh for gifts, I'd like new garments... haha. Dri-lux 3x small. for tops... and I'll figure out the new sizing for my bottoms and let you know in a couple of weeks. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

almost hump day!

Such an interesting week! I had TONS OF PERSONAL REVELATION. It was mind boggling. So I've been trying to tone down my studies to more basic things... haha.
​We were able to talk to a lot of really kind people this week, and a lot of our favorite ward members randomly gave us rides and such.. so that was really fun. I don't really know what to write this week... haha. So yeah. 
Oh! So about 9 weeks ago I had a dream about the house number 136! And this last week we got a referral from a lady who lives in 136 Woodbine!! It was sooo cool! She self referred herself, and she's soooo interested in the gospel..... but she lives at her sons home... and he's anti... .so we're not allowed to go over... (yet!) So pray that we'll be able to see Patricia! (: Because I freaking love her and want to teach her!!!
That's about it! Wednesday is my half way mark! 9 months down, 9 to go! (:

Sister Karly  Willes
​772 Rockport Ct #8
Fort Walton Beach FL 32548

Monday, June 8, 2015

9 months!

I hit my 9 month mark next week! Time flies by! I can't believe Jaren is married!! They look super sweet and blissfully happy! (: 
This week was REALLY good numbers wise. We taught A LOT of people and had some awesome experiences with street contacting. I have really enjoyed comparing our experiences of this week with the first few from this transfer. Sis Stradinger isn't any less awkward, but since she has the spirit more people seem to receive her TONS better. It's amazing! haha and I've definitely seen that with me. In fact, I know I"m even MORE awkward now. But the spirit really smooths everything over! (: 
I'm staying in Fort Walton Beach for another 6 weeks! (: I love it here. The members, the people, it's just all... so sweet! I really feel like I've been able to define who I am and who I want to be. I'm so excited to keep working harder on becoming a more devoted servant of the Lord for my whole life!

Something that has really helped me these past few months is taking deep breaths, but also checking my attitude. A lot of the times when I think things are hard... it's because I'm making it harder than they need to be. I love being a missionary and learning how to bless others. It's a good life to live!
Sis Willes

Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1 2015

I can't believe it is already June! This month has gone by so fast! This week was pretty good, very long, but good. We had a lot of opportunities to walk outside and try to find new people to share the gospel with. We also were able to do  A LOT of service and meet some REALLY COOL people from Ohio (: That was probably my favorite part.
I have officially decided that I'm not going to EVER have a dog because they smell and are annoying. I'll just borrow one of Cooper's if I ever get lonely. 
We had an interesting sacrament meeting about pioneers this weekend... I felt like it was kind of out of place, but I still felt the spirit. 
Something else cool from this week, our Zone Leaders challenged us to teach the Restoration to someone using the Pamphlet... so we did, and we got a new investigator out of it! (: It was awesome to see the Lord bless us for following the counsel of our leaders. 
My companion keeps on disappearing from me... So I need to go find her.... (: I love y'all. Sorry my emails are short, I never really know what to say.

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