Karly in the field

Karly in the field
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Monday, June 8, 2015

9 months!

I hit my 9 month mark next week! Time flies by! I can't believe Jaren is married!! They look super sweet and blissfully happy! (: 
This week was REALLY good numbers wise. We taught A LOT of people and had some awesome experiences with street contacting. I have really enjoyed comparing our experiences of this week with the first few from this transfer. Sis Stradinger isn't any less awkward, but since she has the spirit more people seem to receive her TONS better. It's amazing! haha and I've definitely seen that with me. In fact, I know I"m even MORE awkward now. But the spirit really smooths everything over! (: 
I'm staying in Fort Walton Beach for another 6 weeks! (: I love it here. The members, the people, it's just all... so sweet! I really feel like I've been able to define who I am and who I want to be. I'm so excited to keep working harder on becoming a more devoted servant of the Lord for my whole life!

Something that has really helped me these past few months is taking deep breaths, but also checking my attitude. A lot of the times when I think things are hard... it's because I'm making it harder than they need to be. I love being a missionary and learning how to bless others. It's a good life to live!
Sis Willes

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