Karly in the field

Karly in the field
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Monday, June 29, 2015


Such an amazing week! There were lots of struggles at the beginning, but once I humbled myself... BAM! BLESSINGS! Changing your heart is such a beautiful thing! (: I love it! Even if it is hard at first. 
So: First things first: COOPER NEEDS TO GO TO TREK!!!!!!!!!! It seriously is such a fun experience! He would LOVE it. And not regret going. The only way he would hate it is expecting to hate it from the beginning. So he should go... and expect to love it! (: So he can love it! And it's only 3 days. He can totally handle that. 3 days of camping and exploring and being outside! (: 

I hope Tanner is doing well (: I love getting the pictures. He is just adorable.

Life is good. We had stake conference and it was AWESOME! I got so much personal revelation not only for the people here, but for my future family (you know, in like 15 years.. ha). I love being in the same stake as my last area, since I was able to see a ton of people who I served with in Niceville and just seeing them smile made the world of a difference for my week. 
I've learned to tolerate other people's agency, even if I know they are making small decisions (breaking the word of wisdom, not reading their scriptures daily, etc.) which will harm them in the end. I can still love them, and even if THEY don't know their ruining their life... I DO. So I can just keep loving them and help them get back on the straight and narrow path (: 2 nephi 31:20! (or something close to that.)

"Y'all be safe now, ya hear?!"

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