Karly in the field

Karly in the field
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Monday, July 20, 2015

eye exam on a mission

I would let you buy my new contacts..... except for apparently my prescription DIDN'T change.... so I still have like 6 boxes of contacts that will last me past my mission. I'll still send the RX and stuff, though. I had plenty of money. They still forced me to pay for some contacts (psshh, whatevv. Church is still true.) So the total was 105. But that's not really that bad in the long scheme of things. I went to Walmart. 

So! The good stuff!! I'M STAYING!!!! AND SISTER STRADINGER IS TOO..... AND WE'RE GETTING ANOTHER SISTER WITH US!!!!! (: (: I'm SUPER excited!! The trio life again in Fort Walton! It will be THE BEST!!!! (:
This last week we found an AWESOME family! It's a part-member family and the kids are just SO SWEET. I seriously think they are probably the most well behaved 15 year olds I know. And they want to learn more about the gospel!!! That rarely happens!! haha (: So we're super excited to teach them! And we're SO grateful both of us are staying, because we connected really well with their mom- who has kind of hindered the missionaries coming over in the past. 

There are just a bunch of small miracles constantly happening in Fort Walton (: I'm super excited to be able to spend my birthday here AND TO SEE THREE BABIES be born! There are so many pregnant women in the ward, it is so fun to see how they spiritually prepare themselves to be mothers (:

I've now been out for 10 months! SO weird! it seems like I should still be one of the younger missionaries, but not so. I'll be going home the last week of March/first day of April possibly. And I have no idea what I'll do when I go back. So we'll see (: haha. Luckily, I can just focus on the now as a missionary. I know the Lord will help me figure out the rest later.
Also.. the elders left their bikes outside of the church... so we put the bikes "away" for them (:
OH yeah. And Sister Stratton (one of my former companions in Niceville) Is serving in Fort Walton 2nd ward now (: So it has been a blast serving around her again! 

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