Karly in the field

Karly in the field
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Monday, July 13, 2015


The weeks are going by faster and faster! I can't believe that it's July! We find out about transfers next week, so don't send any packages until AFTER next week (: 

This week we had an awesome Zone training where the spirit was felt a lot! There were a lot of crazy days that we felt like not much was accomplished, but in the end... it all worked out (: We followed the spirit, so we know we did what we were supposed to do. The super cute old lady we're working with didn't come to church yesterday, after we HARD CORE COMMITTED her. So this week I'm going to lovingly tell her off (: hah I'm excited! She likes it when we're blunt, and I don't think anyone has been that way before with her. So obviously my "blunt" isn't as harsh as your average person's, but I think she'll get the point.

Yesterday before church I was able to realize how SMALL this world really is. There was a family of visitor's from Oklahoma... and it turned out to be Hunter Montgomery's family! (: It was really sweet because they had all these super good things to say about you, Mom. So it made me a little homesick... but then I focused again during sacrament. ha(: 

Life's good!!
Lil Sis Wil

P.S> as far as my sizing goes for garments, I really have no idea and I keep forgetting to measure. I wear a 26 P/ 28 P for drilux... but they re-did the sizing, so I'm not sure what that would be now.. So yeah. if you can figure that out... that'd be awesome (:

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