Karly in the field

Karly in the field
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Monday, August 10, 2015

Her Birthday is Tomorrow!

Life is so great!! (: I just love love love being a missionary and having some super awesome companions! We've been able to just have fun and enjoy life! Sis Miller was sick on Tuesday, and then I took a turn for being sick on Saturday. But we still almost met a lot of our goals! (:  So it was really neat knowing that the Lord still allows us to see His children, even if we're not able to be out all day. I'm excited to see how close we'll be to getting our goals this week since none of us will be sick (: 
Beverly probably won't get baptized at the end of the month since her life is crazy right now. She finally found a new place to live, but it's very low income area and she doesn't have a job yet. Something I love about the black community is their willingness to help each other. Everyone is a cousin, even if they're not related. 

This week I reflected a lot on my Cambodia experience, and I am extremely grateful for the experience I had there. It has helped me so much out in the mission field to remember how easy it is to love those you willingly serve. 
I love everyone back at home and I'm also grateful for the experience I was able to share with y'all. (: I know the Lord is watching over you.

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