Karly in the field

Karly in the field
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Things are really fantastic here (:
This week we taught more lessons than we ever have before, it was AMAZING. It feels SO good to be able to have numbers that you feel reflect your efforts. But even when they don't, we know we work hard (: I was able to see 6 of my past companions this week at a half mission conference! I loved it! I truly have been blessed to serve with some of the most sweet sisters in the mission (: There were two general authorities that came and visited, Elder Brent H Nielson and Vern Stanfill (he was newly called this past April, so he hasn't had a chance to speak yet(;  ) Elder Nielson's talk this past conference was on waiting and loving and watching  those you love who are choosing to not participate in the gospel yet. At the end they chose 8 random missionaries to be interviewed, and I was one of them! It wasn't so much of an interview as a "get to know you" sort of thing. He was very kind and was surprised that I would be out on a mission even though my father and brothers weren't active in the church. It really made me reflect on how everything in my life fell into place. I love the SMALL moments that the Lord provided me the spiritual guidance I needed. I promise that He is sending them to you as well! Everyone is blessed with the Light of Christ. We just need to seek it out in order to know how to keep it within our hearts forever!

(: I love serving here, and I'll get pictures next week (I left my camera at the apartment!) 

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