Karly in the field

Karly in the field
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Monday, October 19, 2015

Panama City

Dang! The time went by way too fast today! This whole year has been such a blur! I'm still loving it here in Lynn Haven (: The members have been taking WAY good care of us. We were able to truly just follow the spirit this week> There were a couple of days that I was not feeling so great. I had a cold, but I'm better now. It's amazing how even when my voice sounds like a frog is in my throat, I still want to run after people and tell them about Christ and His gospel. (But then they get afraid of being sick... ha. So I only did it when truly prompted(; )
We were able to meet with a former investigator who I LOVE! She is constantly asking questions and making sure she knows things for HERSELF. We were able to meet with Grumpy and get him interested in doing his family history. He's so funny. He mentioned "You girls are lucky, I've never talked this much with missionaries before." And then he made it sound like he wanted us to leave.... but Sis Evans and I made sure to get him interested in finding out more about his Father's side. (THe whole time he has said that he has all of his family history done..... and then we caught him in the lie! He has NO IDEA who his fathers parents are! ANd he only knows the names for the grandparents.... ) Needless to say, we'll be doing tons of family history this week(: I'm so very grateful that I've got relatives that are helping me out on the other side. This work really wouldn't be possible without the help of Ryan, Jane, Tony, and many others I haven't had the opportunity of knowing on this side. 

Life truly is ETERNAL! (:
Love ya!

P.S. For Christmas I would LOVE to have Down East Basic Wonder Tees, size XS in White, Black, and Creme(: 

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