Karly in the field

Karly in the field
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Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Halloween

This week was GREAT! We were able to teach someone who literally said to us in the first lesson, "I just want to get baptized. I already know everything, I've been studying this for 2 years. When's the soonest I can get baptized?" 
(: Haha so we set the date for January 9! Her and her new husband are super excited and can't wait to be sealed (he's already a member)! And we're teaching their 12 year old daughter now, too (: 

It's so amazing to see the different growth that happens in an area when you're willing to obey the rules, even if it seems like a sacrifice.. "Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven." I love living the gospel standards!

I love being with Sis Brown! We found some cotton fields on Halloween(: It was so unexpected... and just made us beyond happy! 

There is always so much to learn from Milton. I feel like I've been here for a month because of how much I've learned... when I've only been here a week! I'm very grateful to be here. 

We were able to meet every single one of our goals this week(: I have a HUGE testimony of goals, now. When you're actively seeking to reach something, progress is made!!

An idea for Cooper: 30 minutes of exercise every day. There's a reason why we do it as missionaries, and it's because it allows us to let go of the stress we build up during the day. Cooper could go biking, jump roping, running, and lots of other things. Even just walking outside helps make my days 80% better. And maybe having him read the Book of Mormon... it's A PROMISE from God that as you read the Book of Mormon YOU WILL FIND YOUR PURPOSE in life. Cooper wants to escape because he doesn't feel like there's a point. Once he realizes there's value to his life, he'll start doing things to help him achieve that purpose. Remember how Jason would have to go door to door to meet different people and expand his social skills? Maybe you could have Cooper be responsible to go visit Betty once a week. Or find someone else who is in need of some help that he can do. If someone is relying on him, he'll feel a need to go and do things. He could start mowing someone's yard, just out of kindness. Not for money. He'll grow to love helping God's children, and he'll feel God's love for HIM. 

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This part is WENDY
So  sister Brown is Janeen bezzants (randy's cousin) friends daughter!  And I have secretly been checking her blog from time to time.  Now we can see Karly from both sides. I am super excited because this cute sister posts are long and adorable.  With one of her companions they wore cute matching outfits and looked like they were having such a fun experience.  I am so happy for Karly to be with her.  Check out sister brown's blog here: http://www.sisterkaylinbrown.blogspot.com/

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