Karly in the field

Karly in the field
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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Nov 9 Lot's of letters this week

This week was fantastic! I went to Tallahassee for a conference on Tuesday and Wednesday and I was able to see Sis McClellan again (: 
Things are going really well in Milton. Sis Brown and I are finally working out how to work with the members better and we've been seeing tons of great miracles  because of it! We've been taking more time to get to know people, and they have become some perfect fellowshippers for the less actives and investigators we are working with! (: 
Yesterday I gave a talk on scripture study, and as I studied for it I realized there are SO many benefits from reading your scriptures! It gives you a special peace that NOTHING from the world can give you! I am looking forward to working hard with Sis Brown and having soooo much fun (: 
Love y'all!

Sister Karly  Willes
5471B Millstone Cir
MIlton, FL 32570

This is her response to my letter about xmas gifts and such:
Yikes. The prices of the shirts are ridiculous. Definitely wait until you can find them cheaper. I'm good on skirts and treats... haha I'm kind of at the point on my mission where I'm trying to "down size" since I'll be going home and I can't take everything with me. I think just getting letters from people would make me the happiest.. and a chocolate orange. I have the stocking from last year, and yeah... 
I could use some more deodorant! ha and black ponytail holders. And mom, if you could take time to go to the temple and take a picture outside of it with you and grandma... that'd be cool (: I don't really want much, and I'm not really in need of anything.. but if something comes up I'll let you know.

This is her response to Randy's letter:

Glad you're recovering pretty well from your surgery! Remember to keep resting! It will be worth it in the long run! 
I miss sushi! The South doesn't have any good chineese/japanese restaurants... only some good Thai places, and those only exist in Fort Walton... haha. So I know what I'm eating when I get home! 

I love serving out here, because there are so many people that remind me of people back at home (: I feel really blessed to be serving in this mission. Even though I might not always like the food, I always learn to love the people I"m working with. 

Are you still doing scouts? What are your Christmas plans?
love you!

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