Karly in the field

Karly in the field
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Monday, December 14, 2015


I wish we had snow here, but for now we'll enjoy the white of the harvest.... Addyson and Dalton were baptized on Saturday! (: They're the cutest 9 year old twins! It was sooo adorable. We sang The Spirit of God as the closing song and Dalton just started crying because he felt the spirit so much (: 
Our week was SOOO strange. Nothing went according to plan, we had to do a little escape into Pensacola to help a couple of sisters learn to communicate more effectively with each other... but now things are going well! (: We think it was just Satan trying to get at us before the Collins' baptism, but whatever he was trying to do didn't work! 

We had zone training and it went really well! We emphasized a lot on just simplifying our teaching and getting rid of the fluff... and so Sis Brown and I demonstrated this by "boxing" each other, then finally one of us gave the other an uppercut to be done. It was really quite hilarious... (: We stole the idea from zone leaders back when we were in fort walton, so some of the missionaries had seen it before. But they said they enjoyed it a lot more when we did it, and I hope it helped everyone else to remember what we taught! 

Life is still just golden with Sis Brown! We continue to laugh and cry together (: And oh have we laughed this week... we were just so exhausted at one part that all we could do was just laugh at how EVERYTHING was going wrong... But really we wouldn't have had it gone any other way. People we had planned to see cancelled on us, we got caught in between the drama of an active member and her non member sister we started teaching.... haha the fun just never ends. 

We're very excited for Christmas... not sure when we're going to skype or who with yet, but I'll have them shoot y'all a text/call so we can get it worked out. It should be Christmas day and it'll probably be sometime after 3pm your time. 

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