Karly in the field

Karly in the field
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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Sorry my email is short again, we only have an hour to email today!
Christmas was great! I am grateful that it's over, though... so now people are willing to meet with us again (: haha. We were able to teach an AMAZING lesson on Christmas Morning to our investigator, Lilly. From the beginning she was sort of stand off-ish, but once we showed "A book of mormon story" mormon message, she was totally fired up! She really related to Chris Cook and it was FANTASTIC! Totally by the spirit.
That really was probably my favorite part of this week.. And one of our favorite member family's cousins are staying with them. Her name is Sofi.. .and she's AWESOME!! She's from Chile and so we talk to each other in Spanglish all the time (: I love it! We were able to teach her that God is our loving Heavenly Father, since she had NO concept of that. She's been raised Catholic, but she doesn't really believe in it. She is super smart and very mature for a 15 year old. I just love that she listens to us and asks REAL questions. She's only here for 3 months, so we're trying to help her learn all she can about English/Americanism.... but mostly the gospel in its fullness(: So far she has been soaking it up and LOVING it. It's "kaban" (cool).
Have a great New Year!! (:

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