Karly in the field

Karly in the field
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Monday, January 25, 2016

hair cut

This week was a LONG week, but fun! We drove to Fairhope and Daphne Alabama, then I stayed in Pensacola for two days, and then Sis Brown and I were finally able to stay in Milton together. We had a fun time being with other sisters, but it can be exhausting. 
Sophie is doing super well! (: We just love her, and she loves us! Her lessons are always super fantastic, the spirit is so strong and she just understands EVERYTHING. It's sooooooooo great! 
I got my haircut-- 6 inches.. gone! And I regret it.. but luckily hair grows back (: And the person who cut my hair did a really good job, so I can't complain. 
Life is just dandy. We won't have our car this week, so we'll be walking a lot... and it's supposed to be raining... haha so we'll be having some great bonding experiences! 
Have a great week!

Sister Karly  Willes
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