Karly in the field

Karly in the field
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Monday, January 11, 2016

I love that living the gospel is something which will NEVER end (

It still doesn't seem real that it's 2016. Life continues to be sooo great with Sis Brown. This was easily the HARDEST week of my LIFE, but I'm over it now (: haha. Sis Brown and I had a really hard time remembering that we were loved, and that it's okay to not be okay. We just had a lot of things go wrong, and we were emotional... But after stake conference we have both been spiritually uplifted and I seriously don't even remember why we were so sad last week> i love the way the spirit works! (:

We taught Sophie this week and it was AWESOME!! She's sooooooo coool!!!! I can't believe that she's only 15. She has totally taken on the gospel as part of her life. She's planning on marrying a Return Missionary already, and she's thinking about going on a mission herself! I really really love her. 

It is so interesting: Sis Brown and I used to be so focused on how many lessons we were teaching, and it was stressing us out. So instead we decided to only focus on the names, and write the names. Then at the end of the week we total up the numbers.... and now we reach our goals without even trying! We have been super happy tracking it this way (: 

This past stake conference was on Sabbath Day observance and how to make it a delight... and I'm so excited to go home and be able to plan ahead what my Sundays will be like. It helped me realize that I can still do missionary work every Sunday! Just not to the same extreme as a mission has you do it. 

One thing I've really learned from this mission: HOME AND VISITING TEACHING IS SOOOOOOOOO IMPORTANT. The drastic difference from functioning and non-functioning wards can be directly related to the percentage of home/visiting teaching. As we all do our part to fulfill our callings as brothers and sisters in the church, simply checking on the welfare of those in our church, the Lord is able to work THROUGH us to help members (and nonmembers) in our wards and stakes.

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