Karly in the field

Karly in the field
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Monday, February 29, 2016

Fantastic week

I love being in a trio with Sis Carter and Brown (: We are always having a fun time, everything becomes a party! The tornado that came this past week was SO close to a lot of the sisters apartments, including ours... but we're all completely safe (: We were definitely protected. hahaha Sis Carter, Brown, and I had a very fun bonding experience as we sat in the bathtub with the couch cushions on top of us (the mattress wouldn't fit) and reading 3 Nephi 8 about the signs of Christ's death in the Americas. (: It was SOOO funnn. 

Sophie is now in Chile ): But she's still super cute and doing well! She has a bunch of friends who are interested in listening to the missionaries now! SO COOL. 
This morning I read these AMAZING talks from May 2004 conference ensign and I was just BLOWN away with how amazing the Atonement of Jesus Christ is. God loves us SOOOOOOOOOOO much. 

 and this talk was really good:

And a bunch more other good things... but basically I have a re-newed love for studies every morning (: I have been learning SO much from the spirit! 

Hope everyone has a great week!

Sister Karly  Willes
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Friday, February 26, 2016


I have been so busy with work and school that I really don't catch the news.  I was shocked to hear that Karly was helping clean up the tornado so I did some internet surfing to try to find out what she was so blessed to miss.  The tornado was in Pensacola Florida which is in her mission area.

While I had a moment at work and while my internet was not blocked.  ( We are not suppose to have access to internet, and I only had it for maybe ten minutes) I was able to find something exciting.  Karly's mission presidents have a blog!  too bad I didn't know this sooner.  Here is the link: http://floridatallahasseemissionexperience.blogspot.com/2016/02/mission-leadership-council.html

There is a picture of her from Feb!  This really made my day.

Then thanks to a customer I found out the tornado was in Pensacola and I found this info.  
Here is a news link and pictures of the tornado (I can't find the one with her in it)

Here is a post from the presidents blog from Feb 23rd : We have had another Tornado touch down in Pensacola, and another one traveling through the Mission right now. Our entire Mission area is under Tornado warning. All of our Missionaries are inside their apartments, and safe. We will continue to check in on them throughout the night, and will post with any new updates. We Pray for those who have already suffered as a result of the Tornado that touched down an hour ago. We know that we will have many opportunities to serve our friends and neighbors in the coming days.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Whatta week!

his is a happy/sad week! I got our third companion, Sister Carter! She's super adorable and I love her!!
The sad part... Sophie goes home on Thursday ):

Last week we went to the Naval Air museum, and it was AWESOME! (: 
We went with Sophie and the Fannins (:

I really have loved serving my mission> there are so many amazing tender mercies Heavenly Father shares each and every day(: 
We were able to find two new investigators yesterday just by walking around and going to doors that we felt impressed to knock on... One of them even used to meet with missionaries like 5 years ago! She let us come in and was super open to the Book of Mormon (: We're excited to teach her next week!
The other is a teenage girl who is Christian, but she doesn't believe in the bible.... so we are WAY pumped to tell her even more about the Restored gospel (: 

OH! and this week we got to help clean up after a tornado! That was really neat. The people were so grateful! Which is a HUGE step, because the area we helped has been Anti-ed like CRAZY. We even made the news and they zoomed in on one of our Mormon.org shirts! (: 

I love how the church is organized and that we're able to help EVERYONE. 
This week was definitely one of the most jam packed of "Milton Miracles" for us missionaries (:

Sister Karly  Willes
5471B Millstone Cir
Milton, FL 32570

I wrote and told Karly about Austen's car accident.  Here is her reply to me: I can't go to the link since I'm not allowed to go on facebook, so i'll have to watch it when I get home.
I"m glad things are going well! (: I'm doing really well too! I have been able to really enjoy myself this past week. Do we have any family plans for general conference weekend? Or will it be pretty low key?

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentine Weekend

Sophie's baptism was AWESOME!!! She is SOO SOO SOO happy now, and I am too (: whenever I'm with her I just can't help but smile! She has such a glow about herself! This week was just fantastic. 
I'll be staying in Milton for another 6 weeks with Sis Brown and another sister, Sister Carter! (: It should be super fun! I love trios! 
Today we're going to the aviation museum with Sophie and her cousins(: 
We're mostly just working on trying to find new people to teach now, since a lot of the people we were teaching aren't interested anymore... or they are, but their spouse isn't. 
Luckily missionary work is more fun than it is work (: 

Sister Karly  Willes
5471B Millstone Cir
Milton, FL 32570

Monday, February 8, 2016

Great week

This week was great! (: Sis Brown 's seriously one of my best friends. I just adore her. She has helped me SO much to improve in so many ways- and all the while being loving and kind (:
This week Sophie will get baptized on Saturday! (: We're super super excited! She's absolutely the coolest! I don't have enough words to describe how awesome I think she is. 
We committed the atheist/Jewish family to pray once a day this week (: And I know they're going to do it! So Sis Brown and I are just praying that they ALSO see a difference in their life because of it! They just really need to know that God does LOVE AND CARE about them.  Some of my favorite moments with them have simply been to testify that the reason Sis Brown and I being there is because God loves them. There's really nothing more to it. Bonnie believes us, but Gene is having a bit more of a tough time swallowing it. But I KNOW he can feel it... he just doesn't recognize where those feelings come from. You can see the confusion in his eyes, but also the peace he feels with it. 

I love being a missionary! (: And I love that EVERYTHING I learn on my mission, I can take home with me! 

Here's this really good talk for those who are curious as to how missionary work actually works (:

Sister Karly  Willes
5471B Millstone Cir
Milton, FL 32570

Monday, February 1, 2016

14- day challenge

Inline image 1
I saw this on lds.org and I LOVE IT. It's basically a little taste each day of being more like the Savior! (: I'm going to do it- and I'd invite you to try it also!

This week was really long! We didn't have our car from Monday to Friday, so we walked EVERYWHERE rain or shine (: haha and we had a lot of good laughs along the way.
We were teaching Bonnie (former Jew) and Gene (atheist) the Plan of Salvation yesterday and it was AWESOME. They really enjoyed it and they said "if they were Christian, this is what they would believe in." SO now that we've given them the basics, we're breaking it down and trying to help them build their own relationship with the Savior. It's SOOO sad though: Gene feels like God has NEVER answered his prayers... it just breaks my heart. I know that soon he'll be able to recognize God's hand in his life, though (: 

 Sis Brown and I are still getting along(: We find that we're getting more tired as the weeks go on, yet we somehow always have enough strength to do all that is needed. 

Sister Karly  Willes
5471B Millstone Cir
Milton, FL 32570